Call on the power of earth color to “soothe” your dining room area. Contemporary elegance is reflected in this 6-seater cappuccino solid wood dining set from Furniture Republic. The finger wood finished table top is accentuated by baluster leg, Its fabric padded upholstered seat and back adds to the comfort and style of this piece.


          Dining room is a matter of taste, how you furnish it, what accessories and colors you choose, and even where you locate it in these days of flexible living are choices as personal as what you serve there.

          The very word implies graciousness: dining room. A place apart from the normal noise and bustle of family life, it’s a place where you enjoy the good things that comes with the gathering for an hour or so. Whenever you buy a furniture for your dining room, always set your design direction and consider the practicalities involved in the selection process. Take note of the number of people who will be using the room most often, in our culture, a practical approach in selecting a set would be to have 1-2 extra seats for unexpected guest. Apart from that, there is the material and design to consider and whether or not it could double into other useful function and accommodate all your unique design ideas.
With the complexities involved, it is important to have options when you shop. For this requirement, visit any Furniture Republic branch near you, it’s a furniture store with wide variety of products for all rooms in the house with design that varies from sparingly decorated to the most elegant. If you are looking for a furniture shopping experience that gives you the high, visit any branch now or log on to to view the collections online.